Vivo Tab Smart Review

On this page I have tested the Vivo Tab Smart for you. I have made a very extensive Review for you. Hope you will like my Vivo Tab Smart ReviewI have the purchased the Vivo Tab Smart as a replacement for my previous tablet (the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (yes, the first)). This tablet no longer met the requirements that I set a device as a tablet.

This smart vivotab makes all back more than good.
For me, a smooth interface and very good multi-media capabilities are very important points for a tablet.
My last tablet was fairly smooth, but if you went to too many plagues there was clear ‘lag’ in the interface to see, what often resulted that I had to click the button more than twice. Anything then led to an undesirable outcome. The Vivo Tab Smart here has no problem. Below I will discuss more on that interface.

Another important thing for a tablet I always want to have is a smooth full-HD content to be played, even if the scenes are graphically ‘heavy’. The galaxy tab has here rather problems. That tablet has just suffered from the legacy hardware. How different is this Vivo Tab Smart! Full HD 1080P is immaculate!

My last tablet was an Android tablet, this is a Windows 8 tablet. Android platform was nice for me, and I think it still does. And I was not about windows 8 so to speak.
But, on a tablet I have to admit that the new windows 8 interface completely rocks, and that it’s  really pleasant to work with (everything feels ‘logical’ and that provides a good user experience). Windows 8 for a tablet is fine, but for a desktop it is not convenient.

Old & Trustfull
The new Windows 8 tablets also permits you to the old familiar Windows environment to use. This applies to both the RT version as ordinary ’8 ‘version of the operating system.
The nice thing about this tablet is that it is equipped with ordinary x86 hardware, and that means that you have a ‘normal’ Windows 8 version running. Or in other words: the version that normal PCs also running. How nice!

This means that the ‘old’ windows environment exactly works like it would do on a desktop, AND, perhaps one of the main reasons for my purchase, you can install normal windows applications (like so eg office, VLC, etc. etc.).
That said, it is true that the old interface clearly isn’t (properly) suitable for touch operation. It works, but really easy otherwise. You can solve the font size in windows to match, this makes the buttons bigger, but once everything else and that is not always useful.

HD Video Playback
As I wrote before: the ability of a tablet to HD video playback is very important to me. And this is also one of the main things I check, before I buy a tablet. After reading some reviews and comments on the image, I found that the tablet can handle HD video just fine.
And that is true. The tablet can easily handle full HD content, even if there is a violent scene play (much CGI, fire, explosions, etc.).
An additional advantage is that this tablet runs on x86 hardware, and that means your programs on the ‘desktop’ can also be used, and in my case is that VLC. And that makes it fine.

I have now watched 2 episode NCIS: LA and 1 Full HD Movie on the tablet and it went without a hitch (all 3 files were in the. MKV format) So I am very pleased with the multimedia capabilities of this tablet, even after 2 episodes NCIS: LA was ‘only’ one percent or ~ 8 of the batteries used (720P. MKV video to 45 min x2 = 90 min movie, the movie I have is 1080P, which resulted in about ~ 10% battery usage over a period of 1 hour and 45 minutes)!

Battery Performance
About the battery performance I am so far very satisfied. Bbefore I bought the tablet I still was a bit skeptical about the battery life of the device, because it runs on x86 hardware, but that idea proved unfounded. Moreover, it was at idle as well as anything used (when I’m weglegde last night it still had 35%, 8 hours later it was 34%).

As you could read above the battery life with heavy use is even more than reasonably good!
Sidenote is that the battery may not be charging constantly, which the manual also warns about. It is, I think, not Li-ion battery, the asus site is Li-Polymer, no idea what that is, but it is obviously something else.

This is the weakest point of Windows 8, there are apps and the apps out there are just fine, but there are not many.
In addition, if you are in the settings of your Store, don’t turn off the app automatically, but adjusts the results on your location and you will see even less apps.

Also missing are things such as a good file browser for the modern UI, like the Google apps.
The lack of google apps for me is really the only downside of this tablet. Since I have a android phone (SGS2) I used this and also had an android tablet. Fortunately, it is easy to access through the browser, especially since you can also use old desktop environment.
However, I believe that people with an RT version of a windows tablet will miss some stuff. It’s all yours offcourse.

Connections and Connection Options
Here I can be brief about this. On the tablet you’ll find:

  • on the left: micro-HDMI, microSD slot and a micro-USB connector
  • on the right: the microphone, volume controls and headphone jack
  • at the top: the button on-off/standby
  • at the bottom: nothing, the bottom is nice and “clean” (and this is the ergonomic benefit!).

The tablet also features 802.11n WiFi (from broadcom), Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC

The tablet comes standard with 64GB of internal storage. Of this, about 32 ~ 33 GB left for the user when the tablet has had it’s first boot (windows indicates the maximum capacity 49.9 GB, saves so pretty with 64GB, but that other side, we know by now, a 1TB disk has “only” 931GB).
The time that 16GB was enough is really over. Even 32GB would be tight to have a Windows 8 tablet, so the fact that Asus has put in 64GB is very nice. Fortunately, you can use the tablet of course with an extra memory card. I have bought an extra 32GB micro sd (high-speed) for extra storage.

For those who are looking for a good tablet for not too much money, the Asus Vivo Tab Smart is definitely recommended.
Plusses are mainly the fact that the device runs on x86 hardware as well as the very good multimedia features, good battery life and the standard amount of storage space.
And with a price tag of  ’only’ $ 499, – is quite a nice deal!

Hope you have enjoyed my Vivo Tab Smart Review! I can higly recommend this unique tablet. So get is now if you don’t have bought it already.

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Vivo Tab Smart Review